“A Clinically proven Herbal Composition to reduce viral load in Covid 19 Infection”



Herbal composition shows remarkable reduction in viral load more than  in patients suffering from Covid 19 positive in to 4 days.  Pre and post treatment viral load detection done by Quantitative reverse transcription PCR (RT-qPCR).

Invitro studies indicates activity against Envelop and Non-envelop virus category MS2 &INFLUENZA respectively. Antifungal activity against one of species responsible for mucor mycosis.

Pharmacodynamics – Significantly reduces viral load in 3 to 4 days. As per molecular docking studies, phytochemicals like Piperine, , Zingiberene are antiviral . They are having activity   against covid spyke glycoprotein. as well as  ACE II receptor blocker so works as a prophylaxis.

Clinical trial – In Vivo Human – CTRI/2021/03/032471

STUDY TITLE – “A Non-Interventional, Retrospective, Observational study to analyze safety, efficacy and tolerability of THINQURE 20 in COVID-19 patients.”

Study Design – Single arm retrospective study of 30 patients diagnosed as Covid19 positive with mild to moderate symptoms. Objective to access decline in reduction of % Viral load in 96 hrs RTqPCR  (quantification of viral load ) method

  • Day1 – 2 tablets 500 mg each given by mouth to suck slowly till dissolve completely. Followed by 1 tab 4 hrly. Strict warning for tablet, not to chewing, crushing or swallowing.
  • Day 2, 3 4, 1 tab tablet 4 hrly .
  • Nasopharyngeal swab taken 24 hrly . Samples were sent to NABL accredited laboratory for RTqPCR (to quantify and get individual patients viral load)


  • Mean percentage reduction in viral load for all patients was observed to be 75.4 %, where the minimum reduction was observed to be 59.3 %, while maximum reduction in viral load was observed to be 100 %. Thinqure 20 is observed to be safe and effective in controlling viral load in COVID-19 patients. P-value. Change from baseline to end of study visit is <.0001
    • Decline in Viral Load was observed to be more than 90% for 22 patients
    • Decline in Viral Load was observed to be more than 70% for 6 patients

Viral Load

The treatment with Thinqure 20 for 5 days significantly (p<0.001) reduced the viral load in the Covid 19 Patients when compared with viral load before treatment

Non Clinical Study – In Vitro (Antiviral & Antifungal)- Study conducted in Mumbai NABL & GLP certified laboratory.


  • Antiviral activity against Non Envelop virus -Herbal formulation – 50µl has shown 85.00% reduction of MS2 Bacteriophage as surrogate virus in 4 hours per standard ASTM E 1052: 2020
  • Antiviral activity against Envelop virus -Herbal formulation – 50µl has shown 85.00% reduction of INFLUENZA as surrogate virus in 4 hours ASTM E 1052: 2020
  • Antifungal activity – Herbal formulation Herbal formulation 50mg/ml has shown reduction 96% reduction of test fungus viz. Mucor racemosus in 1 hour and 4 hours when analysed as per ASTM E 2315 – 16 Method.


Thinqure20 – Safety and worldwide acceptance of herbal composition

  • This formulation is referred in Ayurvedic textbooks accepted by AYUSH. Such textual compositions are safe and directly can go for Phase IV / PMS studies.
  • Individual as well as combined ingredients are in use since last three thousand years.
  • All ingredients are FSSAI listed referred in API (Ayurvedic pharmacopeia of India) with GRAS listed

 Published Papers –

  • Paper is ready for publication. Will be published soon in peer review journal.


PATENT: – Primary specifications filed   as a “HERBAL COMPOSITION FOR COVID 19 INFECTION”

SUMMARY:-THINQURE20 is a herbal composition influences by Ayurvedic texts showing excellent antiviral activity against Covid and other respiratory virus infections. Also showing activity against one of the species responsible for mucormycosis.